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Scene 5-6 中級 Shipwreck ~難破船~


It is now the evening of the first day aboard the cruise liner. Sam and Joan are having dinner in the main restaurant when Joan spots Sam at the buffet, up to his old tricks. She confronts him and they realize that not only are they on the ship together, they're also neighbors.



Joan: Why don’t you just stuff a lobster down your pants while you’re at it, and make yourself totally conspicuous?

Sam: Oh my god! What the hell are you doing here?!

Joan: I was going to ask you the same question, Samuel.

Sam: Audrey bought me a first class ticket. It was a birthday present.

Joan: Really? Well she bought me a first class ticket as well, for Mother’s Day.

Sam: First class? That means the “Sommerville” sign I saw…we’re…NEIGHBORS!

Joan: There must be some kind of mistake. What number are you?

Sam: 202

Joan: Dear god, I’m 201! Audrey must have done this to get us to spend some time together – you know, to reconcile or something.

Sam: Did you just figure that out there, Sherlock? Tell you what. I’m sure neither of us really wants to see the other while we’re on this boat, so I’ll ask for a room change first thing tomorrow. And then we can avoid each other for the rest of the trip.

Joan: That would be fine with me.



At last they meet, and their worst fears are realized: Sam and Joan are not just on the same ship, they're neighbors. In this dialogue, the dinner on the ship is a buffet. Sam and Joan are sitting in different parts of the restaurant, and Joan spots Sam at the buffet, sneaking food. The idea of first class, all-inclusive has not yet sunk in for him. One thing in this dialogue, Sam calls Joan "Sherlock" after stating the obvious fact that Audrey bought both of them first class tickets in order to set them up. As many of you may know, Sherlock Holmes is a famous detective from the classic series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock is a great detective who had amazing powers of perception. In this case, his name is being invoked sarcastically. When some states the obvious about a situation, this expression is often used to let them know the redundancy of their comment.

Words & Phrases

stuff ~ down one's pants:






Joan: ついでにロブスターをズボンに詰め込んで、注目のマトになるのはいかが?

Sam: なんてことだ!いったいここで何してるんだ?!

Joan: 私が聞こうと思っていたのも同じ質問よ、サミュエル。

Sam: オードリーがファーストクラスのチケットを買ってくれたんだ。誕生日プレゼントさ。

Joan: そうなの、ふ〜ん、私にもファーストクラスのチケットをくれたわ。母の日だからって。

Sam: ファーストクラスだって?じゃあ、さっき見たあの” ソマヴィル”って名札は…僕らは…隣同士ってわけか!

Joan: 何かの間違いに違いないわ。何号室なの?

Sam: 202

Joan: あらまあ、私は201よ!オードリーは私たちを一緒に過ごさせるためにこうしたに違いないわ – 仲直りか何かさせようと。

Sam: わかったのはそれだけかね、シャーロック? いい考えがある。この船に乗っている間、どちらもお互いに会いたくないだろうから、明日一番に部屋を替えてもらうよう頼むことにするよ。そうしたら、この旅の残りの間は、お互いに避けることができるだろ。

Joan: それはいいわね。