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Scene 7-9 上級 The Story of Miles & Sadie


We come into a conversation already in progress between Andy and Miles. Miles seems distracted by something.



Andy: …And all the guys down at the depot have been asking about you. You know how you are and that kind of stuff. It isn’t the same without you down there, you know.

Miles: Yeah. I do miss being there.

Andy: Miles, are you feeling alright? You seem a bit distracted. Do you need me to get you your medicine?

Miles: Huh? Oh no, it’s not that. I was just thinking…You remember Sadie, the girl you ran into the other day?

Andy: Yeah, sure. What about her?

Miles: Did you notice anything out of the ordinary about her?

Andy: Yeah, she had a big bruise under her right eye. But I didn’t really think it was any of my business to ask about it.

Miles: Well, I was thinking about that black eye. She says she got it from falling in the shower.

Andy: Sounds kinda lame, don’t you think?

Miles: I didn’t think it made much sense either. I guess it’s possible, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting a black eye from falling in the shower. And besides, her whole mood changed when I asked her about it.

Andy: Do you think her old man’s beating her up or something?

Miles: I don’t think it’s that. As far as I know she’s single. She had a boyfriend a while ago, but they broke up…No, I think it’s something else. It sure wasn’t some accident like she said.

Andy: What do you think it is?

Miles: She quit her job recently, and I know for a fact she liked working there and needed the money she was making. I mean, she put herself through college busting her hump night in night out. It just doesn’t make sense that she would quit suddenly like that.

Andy: She could’ve just gotten sick of the place. It happens all the time. What did she do anyway?

Miles: She was bartender at this big club downtown. Actually, I think she waited tables and tended the bar. She used to work a lot of double shifts and stuff like that.

Andy: I don’t know. She probably just had enough. If she put herself through college working there, like you said, she probably wants to move on, you know, get a better job or something.

Miles: Maybe you’re right. I’m probably over-thinking the whole thing. It just seems odd that the black eye and her leaving her job happened about the same time.

Andy: Who knows, maybe it really was just a freak accident.

Miles: Yeah…maybe.



We now go forward a few days after the previous dialogue. Here we come into a conversation between Miles and Andy that is already in full swing. Andy has stopped by to visit his friend and to check on his condition. Miles, however, is noticeably distracted by the strange way in which his encounter with Sadie the other day ended. He is especially concerned about the bruise under her eye and suspects that it was no accident as she had contended previously. He tells all of this to Andy, who himself seems to have suspicions about the whole thing, but who is unwilling to make any kind of assumption about a situation he doesn't know anything about. Also in this dialogue we get a bit more background on Sadie based on what Miles knows of her. He tells that us she worked at a club, and that she was a bartender or waitress. We also learn that she put herself through college working at that job.

Words & Phrases

and that kind of stuff


for a fact

put oneself through college
bust one's hump

tend bar

wait tables

freak accident




Andy: …それで車庫のみんなが君のことを聞くんだ。ほら、君がどんな具合か、とかそんなこと。君がいないと違うね。

Miles: そう。早く戻りたいよ。

Andy: マイルズ、大丈夫?ちょっとボーッとしているみたいだな。薬もらってこようか?

Miles: え?ああ、いいや、そうじゃないよ。考え事していたんだ…セイディのことおぼえてるかい、この間君が会った娘だ。

Andy: ああ、もちろんさ。彼女がどうしたの?

Miles: 彼女に、何か変わったことがあったかい?

Andy: ああ、右目の下に大きな青アザができてたな。でも、余計なお世話だと思って、そのことは聞かなかったけどね。

Miles: ふむ、その青アザのことを考えていたんだ。シャワー中に転倒してアザを作ってしまったって、彼女は言ってんだが。

Andy: ちょっと説得力に欠けるね、そう思わない?

Miles: あまり筋が通っているとも思わないね。可能性はあるだろうけど、シャワー中に転倒して目の周りにアザを作る人なんて聞いたことないよ。その上、私がそのことを聞いたら、彼女の態度がまるきり変わってしまったんだ。

Andy: 亭主に殴られたとか、考えてるの?

Miles: そうは思わないよ。私の知るかぎり、彼女は独り身だよ。ちょっと前には恋人がいたけど、別れたんだ…いや、何か他のことだと思う。彼女が言ったようなアクシデントじゃないのは確かだね。

Andy: 何だと思うの?

Miles: 彼女、最近、仕事を辞めたんだけど、そこで働くのは気に入っていたし、そこでの稼ぎも必要だったのは確かだよ。毎晩毎晩必死で頑張って働いて、自力で大学を卒業したんだから。彼女があんな風に突然辞めてしまうのは理屈に合わないよ。

Andy: 職場がイヤになったのかも。よくあることさ。ところで、彼女の仕事って何だったんだい?

Miles: ダウンタウンの大きなクラブでバーテンダーしてたんだ。実際には、給仕とバーテンをしてるって言ってたと思う。仕事の掛け持ちみたいなこと、よくしていたんだ。

Andy: わからないけど、多分、もう十分稼いだんだよ。君が言ったみたいに、そこで働いて自力で大学を出たなら、多分前に進みたくなるだろ、ほら、もっといい仕事に就くとか。

Miles: そうかもしれないな。多分、何もかも考えすぎなんだな。目の周りのアザと、退職がほとんど同時なのが奇妙に思えるだけで。

Andy: 何とも言えないけど、本当に異常なアクシデントだったのかも。

Miles: うん…そうかもしれない。