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Scene 7-10 上級 The Story of Miles & Sadie


Again this is a conversation already in progress. Sadie has dropped by to visit Miles, and she admits that her black eye was no accident.



Miles: Is black alright?

Sadie: Yeah, that’s fine. Thanks Miles.

Miles: I’m glad you stopped by. I don’t know how much I like having all this free time on my hands.

Sadie: Yeah. You know, it’s weird. I thought I’d be happy to have some time off and not have to work, but now I kind of wish I had a job just for something to do.

Miles: What about going back to that club? You seemed to really like working there. Maybe you just needed some time off.

Sadie: …

Miles: I was just thinking…you seemed to enjoy working there…so maybe you could go back, just until you find something better.

Sadie: I don’t really want to go back.

Miles: Okay…so, what kind of job are you looking to get now?

Sadie: (visibly upset) I don’t know…Miles, can we talk about something else?

Miles: You didn’t get that black eye from falling in the shower did you, Sadie?

Sadie: I gotta go. (gets up to leave)

Miles: Sadie. Look, I’m sorry, sit down…Sit down. I didn’t mean to say that.

Sadie: (almost to herself) You’re right.

Miles: Sorry?

Sadie: You’re right. I didn’t fall in the shower.

Miles: How did it happen?

Sadie: I’d rather not say.

Miles: Look. If someone hurt you, you should report it to the police. Who was it? Was it someone at work?

Sadie: The police have the guy already…Miles, please, I’d just…

Miles: It’s alright. I didn’t mean to upset you.

Sadie: Oh god, my make up…Can I use your bathroom for a minute?



Again it's a few days after the previous dialogue between Miles and Andy. Sadie has dropped by again to see how Miles is. At first the conversation is pretty light, and they get to talking about how boring it is having so much free time on their hands. However, when the conversation turns to her previous job, Sadie's mood changes completely. Not able to hold back, Miles doesn't waste time in questioning her about the matter that was troubling him the other day: namely, the injury to her eye and how she really got it. Sadie, reluctantly admits that it wasn't an accident, but talking about it proves to be overwhelming for her and she doesn't really want to divulge any more information. In fact she kind of feels as if she's said too much already. Not sure of whether to leave or stay, Sadie finally decides to take a rest in the bathroom.

Words & Phrases

on one's hands




Miles: アザはもう直った?

Sadie: ええ、良くなったわ。ありがとう、マイルズ。

Miles: 寄ってくれて嬉しいよ。もてあますほど自由時間があって、どれだけ幸せか知れやしないよ。

Sadie: ええ。そうね、妙な話よね。ちょっと休みをとって仕事をしなくてもよければ幸せだろうと思っていたのに、今は手持ち無沙汰で仕事があればなぁって思うの。

Miles: クラブに戻ったら?あそこで働くの気に入っているように見えたよ。ちょっと休養が必要なだけだったのかも。

Sadie: : …

Miles: 思いついただけだよ…君はあそこで働くのを楽しんでいたようだったし…戻れるかもしれないって。何かもっと良い仕事が見つかるまで。

Sadie: 私、本当に、戻りたくないの。

Miles: オーケイ…それじゃ、今はどんな仕事を探しているの?

Sadie: (あきらかに動揺して) わからないわ…マイルズ、何か他の話にしない?

Miles: あの目のまわりのアザは、シャワー中に転倒してできたんじゃないだろ、セイディ?

Sadie: もう行かなきゃ(立ち上がって、出て行こうとする)

Miles: セイディ、ごめん。ほら、座って…座ってよ。そんなこと言うつもりじゃなかったんだ。

Sadie: (独り言のように)そのとおりよ。

Miles: え?

Sadie: そのとおりよ。シャワー中に倒れたんじゃないの。

Miles: 何が起きたんだい?

Sadie: 言わない方がいいの。

Miles: ねえ。誰かに傷つけられたのなら、警察に届け出るべきだよ。 誰なんだい?職場の人?

Sadie: アイツはもう警察に…マイルズ、お願い、私はただ…

Miles: 大丈夫。君を動揺させるつもりじゃなかったんだ。

Sadie: 大変、お化粧が…ちょっとお手洗いを使わせてもらえる?