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Scene 7-8 上級 The Story of Miles & Sadie

What Black Eyes You Have

This is a continuation of the previous conversation. Miles comes back into the living room, and he and Sadie begin to talk. But it isn't long before he raises his concerns about the black-eye that Sadie tried to conceal before.



Sadie: This is a really nice place you’ve got here, Miles. I don’t think I’ve ever been in here before.

Miles: Oh no?…I guess that’s right, isn’t it. Our schedules kind of conflict, huh. Usually when I run into you, I’m coming back from work and you’re busy heading off to your job.

Sadie: Well, I have a lot more time now. I quit my job the other day.

Miles: Oh, that’s right. You mentioned that when I saw you on Saturday. You didn’t look very well that day. Are you feeling better now?

Sadie: Yeah…Yeah. I’m doing fine now…

Miles: Huh…Sadie, I don’t mean to pry, but does that big bruise under your eye there have anything to do with why you quit?

Sadie: This? Oh, it’s nothing…I slipped in the shower the other day. Actually, it was that same Saturday. I came back from my run. I guess I was more tired than I thought…and well, klutz that I am, I lost my balance in the shower…

Miles: I see.

Sadie: Yeah. So, really it’s nothing. I just got kind of tired of working such late nights all the time. I just wanted a change.

Miles: Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sadie: Miles. I’m sorry. I just realized it’s later than I thought. I have some errands to run. Can I come back another time?

Miles: Sure. I’ve got lots of time now myself. The company put me on medical leave for a while…Are you sure you’re feeling okay? You seem to have gone pale all of a sudden.

Sadie: I’m okay. Honestly, Miles.

Miles: Alright. Well, listen, thanks again for the basket. It was really nice of you to go out of your way like that.

Sadie: Don’t mention it. See you.



It's interesting to note that Sadie is not entirely sure that she can trust Miles yet. In the very first dialogue, you will remember that she hid her face from him so that he would not see her injuries. Here again, she tries to hide the cause of these by telling Miles that she slipped in the shower. The trauma of her experience is still very fresh in her mind, and she doesn't feel comfortable talking about it with strangers or even causal acquaintances when she herself hasn't yet come to grips with it. The problem is that her close friends are the people she worked with. She doesn't have someone outside that world to talk to about what happened to her; however, she's not yet convinced that Miles is that person.

Words & Phrases



all of a sudden:




Sadie: あなたのお部屋は本当に素敵ね、マイルズ。前にお邪魔したことはなかったと思うわ。

Miles: あれ、なかったかな?そうかもしれないね。スケジュールがちょっと合わないからだろうね。君と出会うときはいつも、私は仕事帰り、君は仕事へ出かけるところで忙しいから。

Sadie: まあね、今はずっと時間があるわ。この間、仕事を辞めたから。

Miles: ああ、そうか。土曜日に会ったときにそう言ってたね。あの日、君はあまり具合が良くなさそうだったな。もう良くなったかい?

Sadie: ええ…ええ。今は順調よ…

Miles: ふーん…セイディ、詮索するつもりはないけど、目の下の大きな痣が、仕事を辞めたことと関係あるの?

Sadie: これ?ああ、何でもないわ…この間、シャワーを浴びていて滑っちゃったの。実を言えば、同じ土曜日に。ランニングから帰ってきてね。思ってたより疲れていたんでしょうね…それでまあ、間抜けな話なんだけど、シャワーを浴びていてバランスを失っちゃって…

Miles: なるほど。

Sadie: ええ。いえ、本当に何でもないのよ。深夜に働き続けるのがちょっとイヤになっただけなの。変わりたかっただけ。

Miles: まあ、悪いことじゃないよ。

Sadie: マイルズ。ごめんなさい。もうこんな時間だったのね。私、ちょっと用事があるの。また今度お邪魔してもいいかしら?

Miles: もちろんさ。私も今は時間がたっぷりあるからね。会社がしばらく医療休暇をくれたんだ…本当に気分は大丈夫かい?急に顔色が悪くなってきたみたいだけど。

Sadie: 大丈夫。本当よ、マイルズ。

Miles: わかったよ。とにかく、ほら、バスケットをありがとう。わざわざ来てくれるなんて本当に親切だよ。

Sadie: どういたしまして。さよなら。