女性の英会話劇場Woman's Story

Scene 4-15 中級 Orchard Road

A few pointers

Margot and Ryan are getting acquainted over Ryan's wine and food.



Ryan: But I can’t believe you actually made the effort to try and learn
how to cook something for today though. Most people in your
situation would’ve just gone out and bought something.

Margot: Well, that did cross my mind. But then I remembered that I was
dealing with Mr. Restaurant Critic here, and serving you food
from some restaurant would’ve given the game away for sure.

Ryan: True. When it comes to takeout food, I’m not easily fooled.

Margot: I really did try, you know. My friend Zoe gave me a whole heap
of cooking lessons, and I was doing alright. I mean, I can
actually chop up vegetables and things now. It’s not bad for
a girl who never wielded a kitchen knife before in her life.

Ryan: I’m not surprised you never held a knife in your life after
seeing those nails of yours. But I see you’ve cut them short
now. Does that mean you’re serious about learning how to cook?

Margot: Well, actually yes. I may be really bad at it but I’ve quite
enjoyed myself over the last few days, despite my miserable
results today.

Ryan: Well, you know, cooking is in my blood, and I did learn from a
pro, so I’m well qualified to pass on a few pointers – only if
you’re interested, of course.

Margot: Are you offering to teach me how to cook?

Ryan: Well, for starters, yeah.

Margot: Really?! Thank you! I’d really love that, Ryan. But you know,
it may take quite a while. You know, for me to get the hang of it.
I only just learned the difference between a fruit knife and a
bread knife this week.

Ryan: Well, I’m quite prepared to put the necessary time into it. And
I’m quite a strict teacher you know, so that would mean I would
have to come over quite often.

Margot: Oh yes, quite often. At least three times a week, right?

Ryan: Oh, at the very least. And weekends too.

Margot: Of course. You know, all of a sudden I have a feeling that
messing up tonight’s dinner may be the best thing I ever did!

The End



Well, that did cross my mind.


“to cross one's mind” で「チラッと頭に浮かぶ、思いつく、心をか
すめる」という意味。“mind” は「心、心情、気性」という意味になり、
ほかにも “blow one's mind”「驚かす」、“speak one's mind”
「自分の感情を口に出す」、“change one's mind”「考え方を変える」、
“wrap one's mind around”「〜を理解する」など、色々な表現がある。
Ex. It crossed my mind that he could be the man we are looking for.

serving you food from some restaurant would've given the game away for sure.


“give the game away” で「(秘密)をばらす、(意図9を漏らす)と
いう意味。ほかにも、“blow the lid off”、“blow the whistle on”、
“blow open”、“reveal”、“give away”、と、色々な言い方がある。
Ex. The smile on his face gave the game away.

My friend Zoe gave me a whole heap of cooking lessons, and I was doing alright.


“a whole heap of” で「たくさん」という意味。“heap”は「たくさん、
Ex. I have a whole heap of old clothes here so if you want any,
please take them.

Well, you know, cooking is in my blood


“in one's blood” で「(性格・能力が)親譲りで、先祖代々のもので」
Ex. Rugby is in my blood.

You know, for me to get the hang of it.


“to get the hang of 〜” で、「〜に慣れる」という意味。“get used
to”、“adjust to”、“get the feel of”、“familiarise oneself
with” という言い方もある。
Ex. I haven't gotten the hang of driving a manual yet.



R: でも、今日のために実際に努力して料理を覚えようとしたのは信じられ
ないな。ほとんどの人は同じ状況にあったら ただ店に行って何か買って

M: まあそういう考えもあったけど。でも、相手はレストラン評論家様だと

R: そうだね。 テイクアウトの料理の場合は、簡単にはだまされないよ。

M: 私ほんとにがんばったわよ。 友達のゾーイが料理のレッスンをたくさん
してくれて、結構うまくいってたの。 だって今、野菜とかを切ることが
できるのよ。 キッチンナイフを触ったことがない女にしては悪くないで

R: 君の爪を見たからナイフを触ったことが無いってことでびっくりしない
よ。でも、短く切ったね。 料理を真面目に覚えようってことなのかい?

M: そうね、実は。かなりへたかもしれないし、今日の結果はダメだった

R: あのさ、家は料理人一家で、俺はプロから習ったから、ちょっとした

M: 私に料理を教えようと言ってくれてるの?

R: ま、始めはね。

M: 本当?!ありがとう!うれしいわ、ライアン。でもね、結構時間かかる

R: まあ、俺は時間がかかってもかまわないよ。それに俺は結構厳しい先生

M: そうね、かなりいっぱい来ないとね。少なくとも週3回だよね?

R: そう、少なくてもね。そして週末もね。

M: もちろん。あのね、今思ったけど、今日の夕飯を台無しにしたのが今まで