女性の英会話劇場Woman's Story

Scene 9-3 中級 Here, There and Everywhere

Doesn’t look healthy

Two months have passed and Gordon and Ellie are setting out on their trip. They arrive at the bus stop to catch a bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.



Gordon: 7:10! We made it with five minutes to spare!

Ellie: Thank goodness for that. It was nice of Kevin to give us a lift
down but the guy is about as punctual as an LA bus driver!

Gordon: Well, we’re here and that’s the most important thing. And you can
relax – the bus isn’t even here yet.

Ellie: Great. That means I have time to pop into 7 Eleven and pick up a
drink. Do you want anything?

Gordon: Some sandwiches would be great thanks. Oh, and a muffin too.
I’m starving. Will $5 cover it?

Ellie: Should do. Can you watch my bags until I get back?

Gordon: Sure, but you’d better hurry back. The bus will be here any
minute now.

(Ellie ducks into the store and is back in two minutes)

Gordon: That was quick.

Ellie: Yeah. They only had banana nut muffins left though. Is that OK?

Gordon: That sounds great. You’re just in time too. Here comes the bus.

Ellie: Eughh, it’s making an awful noise though. I hope it’s alright.

Gordon: Er, is it just me or is the engine smoking?

Ellie: Oh! You’re right. This isn’t looking too hopeful.

Gordon: It looks like the driver is going to take a look now. Ooooh!
That smoke doesn’t look healthy!

Ellie: And the driver doesn’t look too happy. Wait, he’s going to make
an announcement.

Driver: Sorry folks, it looks like we have a radiator problem so
there’ll be a slight delay. I’ve called for a replacement
bus and it will be here in about half an hour so hopefully
we should be away by 8:00.

Ellie: Just what we needed to start off our journey.

Gordon: Yeah. Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do. There’s a cafe
just over there. Let’s go and have a coffee while we wait.

To be continued



We made it with five min


"to spare"は「余分に、余裕をもって、取っておいた」という意味。
使い方の例としては、"have time and money to spare"「お金と時間の
余裕がある」、"energy to spare"「余力」、"with 〜votes to spare"
「〜票差で」、"Have you got a minute to spare?"「ちょっといい
Ex: I got to the test site with time to spare.

It was nice of Kevin to give us a lift down but the guy is about as punctual as an LA bus driver!


他にも"ride" という言い方もある。
Ex: Shall I give you a lift to the station?

Will $5 cover it?


Ex: 20,000 yen should cover our monthly food expenses.

is it just me or is the engine smoking?


"it is just me?"は直訳すれば、「私だけなのか」という意味になり、
"Is it my imagination?" , "Is it all in my mind?", "Am I
imagining things?"などがある。
Ex: Is it just me or has she lost weight?

That smoke doesn't look healthy!


動植物、経済、社会にも同様に使う事ができる。"normal", "sound",
Ex: I don't think our national finances are healthy.



G: 7時10分だ! 5分余裕を持って間に合ったな!

E: 良かった。ケビンが乗せてきてくれたのは、ありがたかったけど、

G: まあ、俺たちはここに着いたし、それが一番重要なことだよ。

E: そうね。セブンイレブンにちょっと行って、飲み物を買う時間が

G: サンドイッチが良いな、ありがとう。あっ、あとマフィンもね。

E: 足りるはずよ。私が戻るまで、バックを見ててくれる?

G: ああ、だけど、急いで戻って来た方が良いよ。バスが今すぐにでも


G: 早かったね。

E: まあね。バナナ・ナッツマフィンしか残ってなかったけど、それで

G: もちろんだよ。ちょうど良い時にきたね。ほら、バスが来たよ。

E: あうぅ、凄い音がしてるわね。大丈夫だと良いけど。

G: あー、俺の気のせいか、エンジンから煙が出てるのか?

E: あっ!その通りよ。あんまり期待できなさそう。

G: 運転手が今、調べてみるみたいだな。おー!あの煙は正常じゃないよ!

E: それに、運転手も不満そうね。待って、彼がアナウンスするわ。

Driver: 皆さん、申し訳ありません。ラジエーターに問題があるようです

E: よりによって、私達の旅の出発のときに。

G: 本当に。まっ、俺たちに出来ることは何もないよ。あそこにカフェが