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Scene 4-9 上級 Office Politics ~社内でのかけひき~

Are you kidding me?

After his comments at the meeting, Ted gets a letter from Grace outlining some of the company's concerns about his behavior. Here he is talking to Sarah about the letter.



Ted: That sneaky, conniving…

Sarah: Ted, what’s wrong? What happened?

Ted: This letter, that’s what happened. It’s from our beloved CEO, Grace. Apparently Barbara spilled the beans to Grace about her and my disagreement the other day. And now I get this piece of crap.

Sarah: It says here you’re “uncooperative,” “unprofessional,” and she wonders if your work ethic is up to scratch…?

Ted: Not to mention my wavering company loyalty.

Sarah: Ted, this is ridiculous. There’s no way this can hold up at all. You have to go out to complain to Mr. Stanley.

Ted: I intend to. I just can’t believe that she would be so gutless as to not talk to me about this, nor can I believe that Gloria would be so spineless as to write this.

Sarah: I can’t believe they didn’t come and talk to you about this problem. Look who’s calling who unprofessional.

Brian: Hey, what’s happening?

Sarah: Ted got this letter from Grace.

Brian: Are you kidding me?

Ted: Pretty interesting, huh.



Last time Ted took a bite at the management, and this time the management has bitten back. Barbara used her connection with Grace to pressure Ted into cooperating. However Grace's way of dealing with the issue is to write Ted a threatening letter. In the world of management, writing a letter to someone is usually the last step in the disciplinary process. Because communication is very important within and office, and also within a company, a manager's job is to handle problems when they discover them before they become more of a problem. In the case of a problem with one person, this means going up to the employee and discussing the matter in private. To send a letter, much less take the problem to your superior and have her write the letter, is to shun your responsibility as a manager. In this situation, not only is the letter inappropriate and unprofessional, it's also completely unfair. This is a good example of office politics being used to gang up on an employee that doesn't quite go with the flow.

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up to scratch

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Ted: 卑劣だ、グルになって…

Sarah: テッド、どうしたの?何があったの?

Ted: この手紙だよ、これが来たんだ。愛すべきCEO、グレースからね。はっきりしているのは、バーバラがグレースに、この間の彼女と僕のイザコザを洗いざらいぶちまけたってことさ。それで、僕がこんな下らないものを受け取るハメになったってわけ。

Sarah: この手紙には、あなたに「協調性がなく」、「プロ意識がなく」て、あなたの勤労意欲が標準に達しているのか疑わしい、って書いてあるわよ…?

Ted: 愛社精神が揺らいでいるのは言うまでもなくね。

Sarah: テッド、こんなのばかげてる。こんなの真に受けちゃダメよ。スタンレイさんに苦情を申し立てなくちゃ。

Ted: そうするよ。信じられないな。バーバラが僕と直接話ができないほど臆病者だったなんて。それに、グロリアがここんなものを書くほど意気地なしだったなんてさ。

Sarah: 彼女たちがこの問題についてあなたと話し合おうとしなかったなんて、信じられない。プロ意識がないのはどっちかしら。

Brian: やあ、どうしたの?

Sarah: テッドがグレースからこの手紙を受け取ったのよ。

Brian: 冗談だろ?

Ted: かなりおもしろいよな。