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Scene 6-3 中級 The Trouble with Max

Mind Games

Max is talking to his friend and co-worker, Chad. He talks with Chad about his strange experience over the weekend.



Chad: Hey, hey. Morning, Max. Good weekend?

Max: Strange weekend. I had this really weird dream on Saturday that I got a call from God telling me that I was a jerk to Brenda, and that She was going to help me.

Chad: Who? Brenda?

Max: No God.

Chad: God’s a She?

Max: I guess. It was a woman’s voice. Anyway, it was just my mind playing tricks on me. It was all a dream. Or a nightmare, I guess I should say.

Chad: You sound like you’re working too hard, buddy. Maybe you should take a trip somewhere, or something. I know this great resort where these honeys in thong bikinis wait on you hand and foot. It’s awesome.

Max: Really…That does sound good. I don’t know…I’m fine. I’ll be fine. I’ll just lay off the sauce and spicy food for a bit.

Chad: Suit yourself. See you later on.



Here Max tells Chad that the meeting he had with God was just a dream. Even though, Max knows that this is not the truth, he is not altogether convinced that it's a lie either. The fact is that Max doesn't really know what to make of his conversation the other day with the Almighty. Right now more than nightmares, I think it's fair to say that Max is worried about his own sanity. The fact that Max doesn't take his friend, Chad's, advice to do something to help take his mind off work and ease his stress, will become an important theme later on. One thing to note in this dialogue is the use of the capital "S" in the pronoun referring to God. In English, God is usually capitalized; and, in addition, any referential pronoun, be it "He" or "She", is usually capitalized. This is typically done in reference to the Christian god. However, the God in this dialogue is non-denominational, which was my intention from the start. The idea here is that this is anyone's God. Not being religious myself, I wanted to present a more secular God, as free as possible from cultural and religious stereotypes. Also, one more thing I should mention, the word "sauce" here is a slang expression meaning alcohol. It is said that spicy food and liquor (whether together or separate) can give you bad dreams.

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play tricks on:


lay off:

suit oneself:




Chad: やあ、やあ。おはよう、マックス。いい週末だったか?

Max: 変わった週末だったよ。土曜日に、本当に気味の悪い夢を見ちゃってさ、神様から電話があって、オレがブレンダに対して意地悪だって言うんだ。で、彼女はオレを救ってくれるんだって。

Chad: 誰が?ブレンダが?

Max: いや、神様が。

Chad: 神様が女なの?

Max: たぶんね。女の人の声だったんだ。とにかく、単なる心のいたずらだったんだよ。みんな夢だったんだ。悪夢と言ってもいいだろうな。

Chad: 働きすぎみたいだな、お前。たぶん、どっかに旅行するとか何かした方がいいんじゃない。Tバックビキニのカワイコちゃんがお世話してくれるステキなリゾート知ってるぜ。

Max: 本当…良さそうだな。わからないけど…俺は元気だよ。これからも元気さ。ちょっとの間、酒と辛い食べ物をやめることにするよ。

Chad: 好きなようにしたらいいさ。じゃ、またな。