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Scene 7-15 上級 The Story of Miles & Sadie

Forget About it

Sadie goes to see Miles the next day. She still has regrets about causing Miles stress, but Miles makes it clear that the problem is not her.



Sadie: How do you feel today, Miles?

Miles: I’m feeling better, but yesterday’s little episode has got me a bit scared. It was a stupid thing that I did.
The next time I might not be so lucky. The next time it could be another heart attack, and the doctors think that a shock like that, now, in this condition, would be the end of me.

Sadie: You’ve got to take it easy, Miles. No more going for walks or anything like that ‘till the doctors tell you it’s okay. And I promise I won’t do anything to upset you again…I don’t want to cause you any more problems, so promise me you won’t do anything like what you did yesterday, especially for my sake.

Miles: You still think it was your fault don’t you?

Sadie: Well, wouldn’t you?…the doctor said that you were worried and that caused you undue stress, which contributed to your angina attack. How can I not feel responsible?

Miles: Because you didn’t make me do those things, Sadie. Like I said yesterday, the real reason I went out yesterday was‘cause I was tired of being in this room. How could I waste such a beautiful day?

Sadie: It was nice yesterday, wasn’t it?

Miles: So you see I went out for me, so that I could breathe the fresh, air and feel the sunshine, and be around people again.
It’s a hard thing being in this room alone. I had planned to come by your place anyway, because I felt bad about what happened the day before, and on my way back from my walk, I saw those flowers and thought they’d make a nice present, so I bought them, and brought them to your place for you.
It was my choice. And you know what, even though I’m a bit shaken up from yesterday, a part of me, maybe even most of me, thinks it was worth it.

Sadie: If you say so…

Miles: Sadie, you’re a lovely girl, but what you do and what you say do not bear direct consequence on everything you know… some of us out there still have a free will of our own…So stop worrying about me.

Sadie: Okay.

Miles: To be honest, I think the way you feel now is part of something much bigger than what happened yesterday and the day before that.

Sadie: What do you mean?

Miles: I mean, for starters, why don’t you fill me in on how that bruise ended up on your face?
Sadie: I really don’t want to talk about that.

Miles: Alright, then why don’t we start with why you‘re so sensitive about what other people think of you?



The circumstances of late have really taken a toll on Sadie’s emotions; everything seems to be going wrong for her and so when something bad happens, she just throws it on the pile and assumes it is wrong because of her. This is why she is having difficulty accepting that Miles’ angina attack was not related to her. However, Miles, once and for all, makes it clear that she was not responsible. Miles also recognizes that she is depressed about this because of bigger issues that surround her at the moment. While their relationship has begun to develop, Sadie still doesn’t want to tell Miles about her almost being raped. However in the next dialogue we learn a bit about Sadie’s past.

Words & Phrases

take it easy

cause someone problems

contribute to

shake up





Sadie: 今日の気分はどう、マイルズ?

Miles: 良くなったよ、でも昨日の小さな発作で少し怖くなったね。ばかなことしたよ。次はこんなにラッキーにはいかないかもね。次に心臓発作が起きたら、医者の考えでは、あの程度のショックでも、今、この状態では、命取りになるだろうって。

Sadie: のんびりしなくちゃ、マイルズ。お医者様にいいって言われるまで散歩とかしちゃだめよ。私、絶対に、二度とあなたを動揺させるようなことはしないわ…これ以上わたしのせいであなたを大変な目にあわせたくないの、だから絶対に、昨日のようなことはもうしないで。とくに私のためには。

Miles: まだ自分のせいだったって思っているんだね?

Sadie: そうね、あなたはそう思わない?…お医者さまが言ってたわ、あなたは心配していて、それが過度のストレスの原因で、そのストレスが狭心症の発作の一因になったって。責任を感じずにはいられないじゃない?

Miles: 君にそうしろって言われたわけじゃないんだからね、セイディ。昨日言ったように、昨日外に出た本当の理由は、部屋にいるのに嫌気がさしたからなんだ。あんなにステキな日を無駄にできるわけがないだろ?

Sadie: 昨日は天気が良かったわよね?

Miles: だから、外に出たのは自分のためだったんだ。新鮮な空気を吸って、お日様の光を感じて、そして、また人と会いたくてね。独りで部屋に閉じこもっているのは辛いことだよ。どっちみち君のところへ行くつもりだった。この間悪いことしたと思っていたから。そして散 歩から戻る途中、あの花を見て、ステキなプレゼントになるって思って、買って持って行った。自分で選んだことだよ。.それに、ほら、昨日からちょっと興奮しているとしても、 心のどこかで、もしかするとほとんど全体で、その価値は あったって思ってるんだ。

Sadie: そんなこと言っても…

Miles: セイディ、君はかわいい女の子だけど、君が知っていることすべてが、君の言動のせいで、直接決まるってわけじゃないんだよ…いまだに自分の自由意志を持っている人もいるんだ…だから私のことを心配するのはやめなさい。

Sadie: わかったわ。

Miles: 実を言うと、君の今の感じ方は、昨日やこの間の出来事よりずっと重大なことの一部だと思うな。
Sadie: どういう意味?

Miles: つまり、まずは、君の顔の青あざがどうしてできたのか、詳しく教えてくれないかい?

Sadie: 私、本当に、そのことについては話したくないの。

Miles: よし、それじゃ、君が何故他の人からどう思われるかをそんなに気にするのかってことから始めようか。