女性の英会話劇場Woman's Story

Scene 4-7 中級 Orchard Road

Vote of confidence

Margot has decided to move into Orchard Road. She asks her brother Hugh to help her with the move.



Hugh: Hey, I heard you’ve found a place to live.

Margot: That’s right. I found this wonderful little apartment on
Orchard Road.

Hugh: Orchard Road? Oh, that’s round the corner from the Town Hall,

Margot: Just a stone’s throw away.

Hugh: Well, I can’t wait to meet your lucky flatmates.

Margot: Actually, I’ll be living alone.

Hugh: You? Live alone? Ha! You won’t last two days!

Margot: Well thank you for the vote of confidence Hugh.

Hugh: Well, it’s probably for the best. Imagine unleashing you in a
kitchen then getting other people to eat the results. You’d
have no flatmates left after the first day!

Margot: Ha, ha very funny. But seriously, the apartment is absolutely
charming. If I wasn’t petrified at the thought of fending for
myself, I think I’d look forward to living there.

Hugh: Can’t wait to check the place out.

Margot: Well, actually Hugh, I have a favour to ask of you.

Hugh: Oh?

Margot: I need someone to help me move on the day. Mother and Daddy
are going to be at Uncle Drew and Aunt Laura’s, and Zoe and
my other friends are all working, so I won’t have anyone to
help. Do you think you’d be able to give me a hand?

Hugh: When are you moving?

Margot: This coming Saturday.

Hugh: The 17th? Well, I’ll be free in the morning, but I’ve got
a polo match in the afternoon so I’ll only be able to help
you until lunchtime. Is that OK?

Margot: That would be great. Hopefully we’ll have everything done
by lunch anyway.

Hugh: Well, what time should I come then?

Margot: How does 8:30 sound?

Hugh: Fine. See you then.

To be continued.



Just a stone’s throw away.


“a stone’s throw” を直訳すると「石を投げて届く距離」になるが、
前に “just” をつけることが多く、「ほんの少しの距離」という意味
Ex. I live a stone’s throw away from the school.

Well thank you for the vote of confidence Hugh.


“vote of confidence” で「信任投票」という意味で、政治的な場面で
“vote of no confidence” になる。
Ex. The prime minister won a vote of confidence from his

Can’t wait to check the place out.


“check 〜 out” は色々な意味があるが、ここでは「〜を見る」という
Ex. Check out this awesome car!

Do you think you’d be able to give me a hand?


“give one a hand” で「助ける、手伝う、手を貸す」という意味。他
にも、 “lend a hand”、“pitch a hand”、“help out”、“extend
a hand”、“assist” という言い方もある。“hand” の代わりに
“helping hand” を使うこともできる。
Ex. Can you give your brother a hand with his homework?

This coming Saturday.


“this coming 〜” で「今度の〜」という意味。「〜」は、季節、月、
Ex. The movie will be released this coming December.

Ex. It’s time you went to school.



H: やぁ、君、住む場所見つかったって聞いたけど。

M: そうなのよ。 オーチャード通りにあるステキなマンションを見つけた

H: オーチャード通り? あぁ、市役所のすぐ近くにあるだろ?

M: そう、すぐ近くよ。

H: じゃあ、君の幸せなルームメートに会うのが楽しみだな。

M: 実は一人暮らしなの。

H: 君が? 一人暮らしする? 嘘〜! 2日も続かないよ!

M: 私を信用してくれてありがとね、ヒュー。

H: ま、君のためになるだろう。君が台所で作ったものを他人に食べさせ

M: はい、はい、おもしろいこと言うわね。でも、真面目な話、マンション
はとてもチャーミングだわ。 自立を怖がっていなかったら、そこに

H: 見るのを楽しみにしてるよ。

M: えーと、実はねヒュー、ちょっとしたお願いがあるんだけど。

H: そぉ?

M: 当日に引越しの手伝いをしてくれる人が必要なの。ママとパパはドリ

H: いつ引っ越すんだっけ?

M: 今度の土曜日。

H: 17日? ええと、午前中は空いてるけど、午後にポロの試合があるから

M: 助かるわ。お昼まで全部終わるはずだしね。

H: じゃあ、何時に来ればいい?

M: 8時半はどう?

H: いいよ。じゃあ、土曜日にね。