女性の英会話劇場Woman's Story

Scene 13-3 中級 Bella Donna

A make-up junkie

Cassie has been working at reception with Fiona for one week and is slowly getting to know about the job and the people who work in the building.



Fiona: You see that guy over there in the beige coat?

Cassie: The one with the glasses and long, brown hair?

Fiona: That’s the one. It may not look like it, but he’s the managing
director of Jazznet.

Cassie: You mean that big IT company on the seventh floor?

Fiona: The very one. You wouldn’t think it to look at him, would you?

Cassie: You can say that again. I thought he was some down-and-outer come
in here to get out of the cold. What kind of guy is he?

Fiona: I haven’t really had the chance to talk to him all that much, but
what I have seen of him hasn’t really impressed me. He’s pretty
full of himself.

Cassie: Is that right? You’d think with that much of an ego he’d think
about dressing a bit better.

Fiona: Tell me about it.

Malcolm: Hey Fiona, how’s it going?

Fiona: Hi Malcolm! Haven’t seen you around for a while. Been busy?

Malcolm: Yeah, I’ve been out of town for the last week on business.
Just got back today. Not too happy coming back to this weather

Fiona: Yeah, it’s been miserable. Oh, by the way, this is Cassie.
She’ll be covering for me for the next few months while I’m off to
pop this sprog. Cassie, this is Malcolm Reid.

Malcolm: Hi Cassie. Fiona hasn’t been working you too hard, has she?

Cassie: Actually, she’s been a great teacher. I’ll be sorry when she
leaves next week. Do you work in this building, too?

Malcolm: I sure do. I’m in customer marketing with Bella Donna Cosmetics.

Cassie: Wow! That sounds like such a cool job!

Malcolm: It pays the bills. You’re interested in cosmetics, I take it?

Cassie: Interested? I’m a make-up junkie!

Malcolm: I thought as much. You’ve obviously had beauty training of some
sort – your make-up is like a pro’s.

Cassie: Training? No, I’ve never had training, but I do try to keep up to
date with all the trends, even though sometimes it seems my whole
pay packet goes towards buying new stuff.

Malcolm: Well, maybe I can send a few samples down your way sometime.

Cassie: You would?! That would be great!

To be continued



You can say that again.


"You can say that again.”は「本当にそうだ、あなたの言うとおりです、
"You said it”, “I'll drink to that”, “No kidding”などの
Ex: "That cheesecake was delicious!”
"You can say that again!”

I thought he was some down-and-outer come in here to get out of the cold.


"get out of”は「逃れる、免れる、避ける」という意味。他には、
イディオムには、"get after”「責める、叱る」、"get back at 〜”
「〜に仕返しする」、"get by”「何とかやっていく、切り抜ける、通り
抜ける、目を逃れる、"get beyond”「乗り越える、克服する」などが
  その一つの例は"come in here”。書く場合は、"who had come in
  here”になるが、"who had”が略されている。
Ex: Look, there's Nigel, come to chat up Tina again.

He's pretty full of himself.


"full of oneself”は「自惚れが強い、自己中心的である、態度が高慢で
他には、"ant's pants”, "full of conceit”, "up oneself”などの
Ex: She is so full of herself, that's why she doesn't have any

Not too happy coming back to this weather though.


"not too 〜”は「あまり〜ではない」という意味。その他"too”を使った
イディオムには、"all too 〜”「(やや大げさに)全く〜過ぎる」、
"only too”「残念がなら、悲しいことに」、"too much”「過剰に、
Ex: The train station is not too far form here.

She'll be covering for me for the next few months while I'm off to pop this sprog.


Ex: When are you going to pop your baby?

I'm a make-up junkie!


  "coffee junkie”「コーヒー中毒」"health junkie”「健康にうるさい」
  "baseball junkie”「野球狂」などとなる。
Ex: My girlfriend is a brand-name junkie.



F: ベージュのコートを着た男性があそこにいるでしょ?

C: メガネをかけていて、長い茶色い髪の人?

F: その人。そう見えないかもしれないけど、彼がジャズネットの

C: 7階のあの大きなIT企業のこと?

F: それよ。彼を見て、そうとは思わないでしょ?

C: 本当にそうね。ここに寒さを逃れにくる、路上生活者かと思ったわ。

F: あんまり、彼と話す機会はなかったけど、私が彼について見た事は、

C: そうなの?そんなに自惚れやなら、もっと格好に気をつければいいのに。

F: その通り。

M: やあ、フィオナ。元気?

F: あら、マルコム!しばらく見なかったわね。忙しかったの?

M: そうなんだ、先週は出張で出掛けていたよ。今日、戻ったばかりだ。

F: そうね、ずっと憂鬱な天気よ。 あっ、ところで、こちらキャシー。私が、

M: やあ、キャシー。フィオナは、君をこき使ってないかい?

C: 実際、彼女は良い先生よ。来週彼女がいなくなるのは、残念だわ。

M: そうだよ。ベラ・ドナ・コスメティックの顧客営業部にいるんだ。

C: まぁ!とてもかっこいい仕事そうね!

M: 生活のためだよ。君は、化粧品に興味があるみたいだね?

C: 興味?私は、化粧品マニアよ!

M: やっぱりね。君は、明らかに何かのメイクのトレーニングを受けたね-

C: トレーニング?いいえ、トレーニングは受けたことがないけど、全ての

M: じゃあ、時々、君にちょっとサンプルを持ってこれるよ。

C: 持ってきてくれるの?!そうしてくれると嬉しい!