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Scene 7-12 上級 The Story of Miles & Sadie


Sadie has come to the hospital with Miles. She's waiting to hear some news about his condition, when Andy arrives.



Sadie: (completely flustered) Oh, Andy, thank god you’re here…He’s been in there for over an hour…no one’s telling me anything…he collapsed…he collapsed, and lost consciousness…he was still breathing though…I’m sure, when the ambulance came…he was still breathing…

Andy: Okay. Okay. Hold on a second. Calm down. Just calm down. Now tell me, what happened exactly?

Sadie: Well, you see…oh, it’s all my fault…Miles and I had a bit of an argument the day before…Oh, it wasn’t an argument at all…You see Miles didn’t know that I was an exotic dancer…he just reacted to it in a certain way…and I…I got mad…I thought he was looking down on me…well, anyway this afternoon, he came by and apologized, and I apologized, because you see, I realized that I was out of line…then, I invited him in and he was talking about music…about jazz…and then he just collapsed…he just fell to the floor…oh, it’s all my fault! If I hadn’t made him upset like that…

Andy: Uh, wow, okay, let’s just back up a minute. You’re an exotic dancer?

Sadie:Yeah…(with a striking lapse of clarity) Why?

Andy: It’s just that I heard from Miles that you were a bartender or something like that.

Sadie:That was just a cover.

Andy: I see. Well, Sadie, look, I don’t think you should be so hard on yourself…Okay, maybe you might have upset old Miles a little, but I don’t think your entirely to blame here.

Sadie:How do you know!?

Andy: Well, Sadie, you see, I got a call from the doctor. After the first incident, I figured it would be best to give my name as a contact in case of an emergency, seeing as how Miles doesn’t have any family around here. Anyway, the number is listed in Miles’ hospital file, so they called me and explained that it wasn’t too serious, but that I should come down to the hospital just the same.

Sadie:Well, if it’s not serious, then what is it? People don’t just drop to the floor unconscious for no reason!

Andy: Sadie, Miles has a weak heart. He was supposed to stay at home. It’s barely been a week since the accident. He just put too much demand on his body, but the doctor assured me that it wasn’t another heart-attack. So don’t worry. Just have a seat, and relax, and I’ll wait here with you. Okay?

Sadie: Okay (sits)…(stands up again) Actually, you know…I’m just going to get some coffee. Do you want some coffee?

Andy: Yeah, alright.

Sadie:Okay. I’ll go get it.



You can tell right off the bat that Sadie is upset from the staggered and panicky way she is speaking. This conversation takes place just a few hours after the previous one. Miles has been taken to the hospital, and Sadie, having followed the ambulance, is now waiting to hear about his condition. Andy shows up and finds Sadie frightened and guilt ridden for having caused Miles undue stress the day before: she believes that she was the cause of the problem. Andy goes on to reassure Sadie that whole thing is not her fault and that this was not a heart-attack. Sadie calms down but she is still doubtful that this emergency wasn't in some way linked to the confrontation she had with Miles yesterday.

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in certain way:

get mad:

out of line:




Sadie: (すっかり狼狽して)ああ、アンディ、来てくれて助かったわ … もう1時間以上も入ったままなの … 誰も何も教えてくれないし … 彼、倒れたの … 倒れて、意識を失ったの … でもまだ息はあったわ … 確かに、救急車が来たときには … まだ息をしていたわ …

Andy: よし。よし。ちょっと待って。落ち着いて。落ち着いて。さあ、教えて、一体何が起きたんだ?

Sadie:えっと、その … ああ、全て私のせいなの … マイルズと私は前の日ちょっと言い争いしてしまって … いえ、言い争いなんかじゃなかったわ … ほら、マイルズは私がエキゾチックダンサーだったってこと知らなかったんだもの … 彼は反応しただけ … なのに私 … かっとなって … 見下されたと思い込んで … えっと、とにかく今日の午後、彼は謝りに来てくれて、私は謝ったの、だってほら、私の方が言い過ぎたって思ったから … それで、部屋に入ってもらって、彼は音楽の話をしていたわ … ジャズの話 … そのとき倒れたの … 床に倒れこんだの … ああ、全て私のせいだわ!私があんなふうに彼を動揺させたりしなければ …

Andy: あー、えっと、よし、ちょっと戻ろう。君はエキゾチックダンサーなの?

Sadie: ええ … (あいまいな口ぶりで)なぜ?

Andy: 僕がマイルズから聞いた話じゃ、君はバーテンダーか何かだって。

Sadie: ごまかしていたの。

Andy: なるほど。ねえ、セイディ、ほら、そんなに自分を責めるべきじゃないと思うよ … いいかい、君はマイルズじいさんを少しばかり動揺させたかもしれないけれど、君だけのせいだとは思わないよ。

Sadie: どうしてわかるの!?

Andy: ねえ、セイディ、ほら、僕は医者から電話をもらったんだ。最初の入院の後、僕の名前を緊急の場合の連絡先にしておくのが一番良いだろうって思ったんだ。マイルズはこのあたりに身寄りがいないからね。とにかく、僕の電話番号がマイルズのホスピタルファイルに記載されているから、僕に電話があって、そんなに深刻じゃなかったけど、とにかく病院に来たほうがいいって言われたんだ。

Sadie: 深刻じゃないのなら、じゃあ何なの?人は理由もなしに床に倒れて意識を失ったりしないわよ!

Andy: セイディ、マイルズの心臓は弱いんだ。家で安静にしていなくちゃいけなかったんだよ。前の発作からたったの1週間しかたってないんだから。彼は体に負担をかけすぎたんだ。でも、医者は心臓発作の再発ではなかったって保証してくれたよ。だから心配しないで。座って、落ち着いて、僕も一緒にここで待つから。いいね?

Sadie:わかったわ(座る) … (再び立ち上がる)ところで、ほら … コーヒーを取ってくるわ。あなたも欲しい?

Andy: うん、いいね。

Sadie: わかった。取ってくるわ。